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What happened to the thread on AR defense ammo from a few months back? Login/Join 
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And what did we decide was the best? I remember a good bit back and forth on xm193 and federal fusion. I did a search and didn’t find the thread.


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Not sure what thread you are talking about, but it depends on what you mean for defense and what kind of rifle you are launching it from. I still prefer to run 20" 1/7" twist barrels, as it allows me to effectively run the widest range of ammo types and have the broadest range of effectiveness. For SHTF the Lake City M193 variants are an excellent choice for keeping a bunch of ammo in bulk. It tends to have superior accuracy to the M885 penetrator, or the newer brown tip M885A1, and the M193 tends to have a more reliable fragmentation window.

For hunting medium game, just about any 60-75gr soft point will work well. However, a good bonded bullet is a superior choice for hunting, as well as what would be considered a "combat" load that defeats commonly encountered barriers better. Examples of such loads would be Federal Fusion, Speer Gold Dots, Nosler Partition, Remington Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded, or Hornady GMX.

I would say that I keep about 50% bulk SHTF ammo on hand, and the other half is special purpose. For instance, I hand load lots of Nosler Partition 60gr for hunting and to have load that serves in a bonded-type bullet role. I also keep some 77gr OTM loads on hand for longer ranged shooting, and 62gr Gold Dots for defense.
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Not this one? It wasn’t about FMJ loads like the M193, but some good discussion.

But if you are interested in comparing loads like the M193 and those with bonded bullets like the Fusion, keep in mind that they are very different in how they perform on different targets. The M193 FMJ is a good defensive bullet (as are virtually all 223/5.56 bullets except, to a degree, the lightweight varmint killers) if there are no barriers involved. Despite what we might think because it is full metal jacket, it does not penetrate as well as many other expanding bullets like the Fusion or Gold Dot.

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Here's the old thread titled "Rethinking M193 for personal defense":
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