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I have a chance on Friday to get 1000 rds of Tulammo 9mm steel case for $150.

Should I do it? Will it hurt the extractor or barrel on my 9mm's?

Is this quality stuff, or should I just pay a little more for real brass stuff?

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Some people like it, others don't. Personally I don't have a problem shooting steel case 9mm in my Glocks.

Many moons ago I bought a 1K of WOLF lacquered steel case 9mm (made by Tula Cartridge Works). I had only 10 failure to fire and only one complete dud. After my first 500 rounds I just wiped it down and finished the other 500 rounds (not in one day though). Not one problem.

I've shot around 200+ of WOLF Military Classic made by Ulyanovsk and not one problem.
100+ of Barnaul Silver Bear. No problems.
1K of S&B Range Safe (brass washed steel case). No problems.

I don't subscribe to the myth of steel cases breaking extractors because shooters have also broken extractors while using brass cased ammo.
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I'll shoot pretty much anything if the price is right. At that price, I would buy it. Tula has actually been pretty accurate in my hands.


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Steel case is usually fine, I've had more issues with handgun ammo than rifle.

I never had any issues with steel 9mm until a year ago. Tula has actually performed the best, but with all the steel cased 9mm I've have issues with them binding in the mag (aftermarket Glock mags, not with factory ones) and hard/high primers. I wouldn't worry about any excessive wear on your pistol. With how much ammo you have to shoot to wear out parts (with any type of ammo) the cost isn't really an issue.

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Well, I ended up getting the UMC stuff with the rebate. But I may still keep this stuff in mind.


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While I shoot at my own outdoor range a lot, I also shoot at several indoor ranges, especially during the winter and inclement weather. None of them allow steel cased ammo, which is one reason I won't purchase any. As to whether or not steel cases causes excessive wear on my gun, I can't say but I'll stick with brass and not have to worry about it.

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All I shoot in my Russians and all my 9mm use steel and never a FTF or FTE. Sometimes a big flame with the VEPR but I like the stuff.


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The only steel ammo I've ever had any issue with is the Winchester range stuff. It's not lacquered or brass washed or anything and I've had it bind up in the mag a few times

All the other ones I've used, Tula included, have shot just fine
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Just talked to a good gunsmith. He said he shoots it and it does not hurt a thing.
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