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I've had a chance to evaluate some in 9mm Luger and .380 (respectively, in a CZ P-07 and Ruger LCP). Wal-Mart sells 9mm for $9.97 and, recently, .380 for $12.97, a substantial savings. The 9mm is nothing to write home about. It did what it was supposed to, i.e., go bang, make holes reasonably close together and not jam up my gun. The .380 is a different story. No function problems, but it seems to be loaded quite hot, delivering much more sting to my hand and considerable muzzle flash. For that price you might expect steel case, but it is brass, and to be made in Russia or a former Yugoslavia country, but it is made in Italy. Member 45Cal has said the brass is poor quality for reloading, but I don't anyway.

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I first noticed Perfecta at Walmart when I was doing my AR build, and was beginning to look at stocking up. Did a quick Internet search on their .223 stuff, there in the store, saw mostly positive remarks. Bought a couple hundred rounds. *shrug* I seems to do what it's supposed to do.

That was what I was shooting on the two or three failures to lock back after the last round, but, it only happened those two or three times, they were only the 2nd through 3rd or 4th mags (five round shot strings) and it never happened again. I attributed it do break-in.

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Finding 40 cal available and affordable and have reloaded 5 times - No issues.

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