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Thinking about zapping some coyotes.
I have an SBR lower I could drop an upper on and have an AAC TiRant9.
.300 blk subsonic out of a suppressed upper be a decent choice?
What length Barrel?

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I think you won't have enough power or reach, with subsonic. Think .45 ACP ballistics.
Full power loads will be quiet enough and a good ethical kill.



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The .300 AAC with subsonic will deliver around 550 lb-ft of KE. This is PLENTY to take out coyotes.
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I took a quick trip to the family ranch last night, ended up digging weeds in one pasture until dusk. Before the light got too dim, I heard a few coyotes yipping. I froze and searched for them. Three or four yotes ducked under the corner fence, a good 250 yards away. I was silent, was wearing jeans and a tan shirt, and may have been up wind. Anyway, they clearly spotted me, then turned and trotted off. Maybe our local coyotes have a keen sense of smell or great uncorrected vision. The only time I seem to get close to them is when I'm driving and they're high tailing it across a road at Kentucky Derby speeds.

Let's assume you're using an 8-9" upper, factory ammo with a 220 SMK bullet. MV of 950 fps is reasonable. Figure 2.5" sight height over bore, and 3,000' density altitude.

Per our friends at JBM ballistics, muzzle energy is 440 foot pounds. Drop in inches, assuming a zero at 50 yards:
7" at 100 yards
25" at 150 yards
53" at 200 yards
91" at 250 yards
Which means you better know your distances and ballistics pretty well with subsonic 300blk.

As for how a 200+ grain HPBT bullet behaves in soft tissue at subsonic speeds -- do your research. Much of the time it's like an ice pick, a few times it tumbles, rarely does it expand.
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For real?
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Don't know about Coyotes, but I've been using a suppressed 22 for coyote duty while working night shift (they'll walk right up to the car).

I tried putting a deer down with subsonic 300blk, wasn't happy, had to finish it off with my Glock 31. Switched to supersonic 300blk and it's been fine for putting down deer. Quiet enough that people nearby don't even blink (but I do work in the ghetto)

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