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I bought a 100 rnd pack of Rem UMC 9mm not too long ago. I usually use WWB or Federal but this was on sale. This was the smelliest, nastiest ammo I have ever put through a pistol. I only shot 50 rounds but the residue and soot looked like at least 300 or more rounds had been fired. I don't mind cleaning but this was not fun. Anyone else have problems with this ammo?

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Yep, dirty and usually pretty low power even for range plinking ammo.

Haven't bought their stuff in years.

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In all fairness to Remington, they used to be "top shelf" ammo makers. Among the very best in fact. I'm not sure you can indict all loadings they produce because of one box of economy priced ammo. The next guy along may pay for full priced or even premium SD ammo and get good value. Or not. The same goes for Winchester. At one time they marketed the very best stuff.

But companies change hands. One of the things they pay for is the good name. Then they have fun destroying that image and good will to pick off some quick profits selling sub standard items at top prices. Or during a ammo shortage, they put out what they can and you buy it with confidence. Ill founded confidence.

50 years ago, CCI was considered a Johnny come lately and producer of garbage. It took years and years for them to finally be recognized as a quality product.

Making the situation even worse is that the ammo maker can't control the use of their product. If you're a reloader you know that some loads do really well in rifles and generate immense soot in a revolver. Just 20 short inches of barrel difference and look what happens.

I used to buy Remington golden bullet 22s because in the mid 1960s they were the cats meow. They produced target grade performance in my little Browning rifle. Better at that juncture than the crappy brands like Winchester or CCI. Except times change. A while back I went to a gun counter (admittedly a discounter) and picked up a brick of my formerly preferred ammo. You know, the stuff I could count on. It was both dirty and inaccurate. What happened? Just a few decades, a change in management and maybe ownership.

So my conclusion is simple. Thanks for your report of how that box of ammo worked in your gun. Its how we learn, the school of hard knocks. I wouldn't be expecting the OP to buy any more of it. But in 20 years, that situation may again reverse itself.

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I'll buy it if an extremely good deal. It is the dirtiest ammo I have ever shot.

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Originally posted by AZSigs:
I'll buy it if an extremely good deal. It is the dirtiest ammo I have ever shot.

AND very low powered too.
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Years ago I used to shoot UMC exclusively. I have switched to either Lawman or GECO. UMC has really gone downhill. It's a shame because for a long time they were the best value out there.



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I remember shooting UMC in the mid/late 90s. It was really dirty back then, too. Haven't shot it since because of that experience.

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It is pretty dirty indeed. Not as dirty as some new (to me) Winchester USA forged ammo from Walmart. With that stuff, even so much as handling the unfired rounds will leave your fingers black!
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Budget ammo, budget results. Another reason I reload.

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I shot 500 rounds of that umc 9 out of a shield one day and was disturbed at how dirty that pistol and my clothing was after. Seemed to perform fine for range ammo though. It was a decent price too i think like .20 a round. I haven't bought any since though.
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I picked up 2 cases during the Black Friday sale getting $5/box back. It's surely not the worst ammo I've used at the range. Per round cost (just over .18/ea delivered to my door), I really cannot complain.

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