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I just recently traded into a 3" S&W 624. I don't really plan on carrying it around but are there and decent factory self defense loads out there? It came with two boxes of Hornady Critical Defense in 165gr. Any good in 44 Special? Seems kind of light if the 'standard' load is around 240gr.

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Good selection here:

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This is high quality stuff here. Have ordered before.

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Given what they have in stock the Blazer AL loaded with GolDots would be my choice. Only issue I have ever had with Blazer AL is they tend to hold on to the cylinder walls after being shot. Not as slick as nickel plated and even unplated brass has never stuck as much as AL. But they would eject when I pushed the extractor rod.

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Underwood. I use it for a lowered recoil load in my Super Blackhawk.

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For factory I would probably buy the Underwood 200gr. Gold Dot loading in either "Bulldog" or the higher velocity version.

I am trying to standardize on 240gr. Pills for the .44 SPL. I had my custom loader load some Remington 240gr. JHP on top of 8.0gr on N350 in new nickel plated Starline cases. I have not shot any yet, but I suspect they will be a borderline handful in my Bisley Blackhawk and S&W Model 24-3 4 inch. I am not sure yet if the loading will work they way I want it to or not. I should know later this summer after I get time to actually test them.
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200 grain solid copper hollow point at 1000 fps in a 3 incher is a solid self defense round
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Grizzly offers a 260gr lead at 900fps, I am considering it. Its got a good broad edge
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