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I always wash my hands with soap, then use delead at the indoor range I use. It’s just force of habit because it’s there, but is delead necessary? I only use factory ammo, no reloads.
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Sounds a little paranoid to me.
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Just wash your hands with soap and cold water and you'll be fine.

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Why not take whatever precautions you believe are reasonable? Lead exposure is not good for us or the people we’re around, especially children. If you’re concerned, have you had your blood lead levels checked? Even though I only wash after range sessions, I would never tell anyone, “Oh, you don’t need to do that,” without knowing much more about their circumstances that may be completely different from mine.

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I wash with a squirt of liquid laundry soap when I finish reloading...I take these with me when I go to the range...

I agree with use taking any chances.


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I carry those same delead wipes in my range bag too.
I use them BEFORE I get to where I can wash my hands. After policing up the brass, casing/holstering the guns amd everything else you do when you are packing up to go, my hands are filthy.
I want to remove as much lead as I can *before* I start to grab ear pro, the handles on my range bag, keys (remote start to get the AC going), hearing aids, etc.

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After safely working with various toxic and radioactive materials in labs for decades, I've adopted many of the same precautions to shooting, gun cleaning, and reloading. It is easy if you develop the right habits. LEAD is a POISON!

1. At the end of a range session: Wash your hands once quickly with soap and running cold water after shooting, and rinse. Now repeat, using more soap, lathering well, and washing up on your forearms if your sleeves were rolled up. Sing "Happy Birthday" slowly to yourself. Rinse carefully. Dry with a paper towel. At Ayoob's LFI, they also had us wash arounds our mouths before smoking, drinking, or eating. Also wash before using the bathroom!
2. Wear gloves when cleaning guns, as you are using solvents and cleaning out lead. Wipe your gun and especially gripping areas with a soft cloth or paper towel barely moistened with water and a bit of Dawn. Dry. I finish up with a gun cloth charged with wax.
3. Wash all your cleaning equipment under running warm water using dish detergent. A spray bottle with cleaner is handy. Wash out the sink. Then wipe down your cleaning and reloading areas.
4. If you don't have running water at a range, cleaning wipes and a bottle of water, plus paper towels will help clean up.

It sounds paranoid, but I saw the results from blood lead level tests done by a state health department on a group who simply shoot regularly. Not pretty. They weren't even instructors.

Remember, lead sticks around inside, and you'll spread it your family, kids, grandkids, etc. so set a good example. If you're concerned, have your lead levels checked (along with a periodic check on your hearing).

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Personally I think ordinary hand washing is sufficient, but if you wish to use the delead I won't argue.
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Heck. I thought this thread was going to be about getting lead residue out of the bore. I’ve always just used a bronze bore brush on my Beretta 87 Target, but wondered if that’s sufficient.

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A few members have had blood tests and they came back with high lead levels. Adding another step to help reduce the lead intake is a smart move.

When I hand load, I wear gloves even though I don't load lead.

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I don’t think it’s the bullets. It’s the lead in the primers that gets everywhere. You breathe it, especially running suppressed. Lead from reloading is handling used brass dust particles from the tumbler etc.

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