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While at a steel match, I realized that at my advanced age I had stupidly assumed that all the boxes of ammo I brought were full. Nope. Not full at all. It's been a crazy week, so I went to the range office and bought a box of Atlanta Arms ammo. It was in a solid blue color box, and marked 45 ACP TCJ. I was thinking the ammo would be of uniform appearance, all brass cases, and the cases would be free from dents, and the bullets would be smooth and new in appearance. Are my expectations in line with your experience?

The reason I ask is to understand, not complain. I am a bit worried that I bought a box of reloads from someone, and they were put in a box marked Atlanta Arms, then marketed at the range.

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From their website...

Atlanta Arms is the premier source for both remanufactured and match ammunition. All remanufactured ammunition undergoes extensive Cleaning, Full length resizing and chamber checking, to meet factory specifications. Our match line of ammunition continues to be the standard for the Army Marksmanship Unit and other professional shooting teams alike. Both the remanufactured and match ammunition are loaded using the highest quality components made specifically to meet our specifications.
Atlanta Arms has a history of producing quality ammunition for its customers as well as providing superior customer service. We will only build upon this reputation, providing new caliber and product lines that go above and beyond the industry standard. (Bold text mine)...

I have never used Atlanta Arms ammo...but I have used Georgia Arms ammo in the past...except for the mixed head-stamps, their ammo looked factory new...

I would expect commercially reloaded ammo to look bright as well as having no visible imperfections...that would be my expectation as well.


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I have Atlanta Arms and Black Hills reloaded ammo. It is visually identical to new ammo.

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Years ago I bought some ammo from 'GA Arms', worked fine. I wonder how similar Atalanta Arms is to Georgia Arms?
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Atlanta Arms and Georgia Arms are different companies.

They are both located in metro Atlanta; Georgia Arms roughly 30 miles west of Atlanta, Atlanta Arms roughly 30 miles east.

Atlanta Arms ammo has worked fine for me when I have used it.

I have never used Georgia Arms ammo, so I can't comment on it from personal experience. Fellow shooters I have gone to the range with who have used it haven't mentioned any problems, for what it's worth.
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I have used both 40 S&W and 357 Sig from Georgia arms and they both preform well and looked almost like new except they come in plastic bags and have mixed head stamps. This does not hinder the performance. I have never had aproblem with their ammo.

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I bought a case of .357 SIG Atlanta Arms many years ago and while the rounds I've fired from this case have functioned ok, they're exceptionally weak. The ejected cases seemingly rolling over the side of the ejection port.

I've been very satisfied with GA Arms 'Canned Heat' over the years.

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