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Another odd/curio question.

I see a lot of stuff on YouTube about the 5.7x28 out of the FiveseveN pistol and what many people feel is a lack of acceptable terminal performance.

I am aware of DocGKR's posts and feelings on the 5.7 and 4.6 (albeit a lot of the worst commentary was about the 4.6, which I don't think I'll ever have the opportunity to place in my personal stockpile).

Does anyone have resources that discuss - WITH DATA - terminal performance of the various 5.7x28mm loads, to include some of the boutique stuff coming down the pike from third party manufacturers, from the standard (SBR) 10.4" barreled P90 PDW?

For the purposes of this discussion I'm not interested in the civilian 16" PS90 barrel. My dad has a 16" PS90 and it's a lot of fun, but IMHO the extra half a foot of barrel hanging off the front takes away a lot of the compactness of the gun (and ruins the lines but that's a quibble). It could be helpful as a datapoint, but that's a lot of extra barrel and could skew the discussion.

For the same reason, I'm not looking for data on the FiveseveN pistol. That's a WAY shorter barrel than that cartridge was designed for, and the muzzle flash and blast shows it. Super fun pistol to shoot...not my first choice for defense after reviewing test data.

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