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Yesterday I shot the ammo from my carry gun, P229 .357 Sig. When I got home I refilled the magazine and pulled a couple rounds from another magazine to top it off. Below the first three rounds in the second magazine I found one of the two in these pictures and the other one was down a little further.

These are .357 Sig., Remington 125 Gr Golden Saber Personal Defense rounds.

Does anyone have any idea what would cause this bulge? I have since checked every .357 Sig round I have and haven't found any others.



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Several years ago I found two cartridges like the one on the left in a box of Winchester SXT ammunition. I’ve never been able to decide if it was caused during the bullet seating process (which seems unlikely) or later (just as unlikely).

The rounds are part of my box of inspect every round before relying on them for carry demonstration cartridges.

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I've had similar deformed/out of spec CORBON and MAGTECH ammunition in the past. In both cases I contacted the manufacturer who requested I return the batch to them. If there's humans involved, quality control issues will always be part of life and manufacturers don't want the bad rep. They returned fresh ammunition and a little extra for my trouble. I'd suggest you send those images to the manufacturer or vendor that you purchased it from.

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I would say it happened during the bullet seating process and was missed during final inspection. "QUALITY CONTROL". I have had the same thing happen during the same step while reloading not only the .357 Sig but, also other bottle neck cases.

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this subject comes up from time to time And I always reply with this; before you shoot any factory hand gun ammo you should inspect it. I can not count the number of times I have found bullets either seated too deep in the case or are actually loose in the case. The Golden Saber is one that I have found the most to have COL problems. I remember one box of golden Sabers that had 8 rounds seated deep and was lose in the case. Since then I always take a calliper and and measure each one. You need to find the average first. A cartridge with a short COL can be a very dangerous thing if you get one chambered and shoot it. Chamber pressure could reach explosively high.
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I remember one box of golden Sabers that had 8 rounds seated deep and was lose in the case. Since then I always take a calliper and and measure each one

I wouldn't continue to trust my life to a SD round where there is such bad QA. I would have switched manufacturers long ago. Obviously its your choice to decide how many poorly manufactured rounds you need to find before you question the "good" rounds remaining. 25% (I believe they come 20/box) failure rate is too high for me.

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Send a picture of those rounds to Remington. Be sure to include the lot number, which is found on the box the ammo comes in. They'll want to know.

A few years back, I found 2 out of 25 rounds of Golden Sabers in 9mm that were seated improperly, and Remington sent me a check as reimbursement to cover the cost of 2 new boxes of ammo. That was a nice way to right the situation.
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