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Seems like 10MM is becoming the new 40 caliber, is it worth investing in a 10MM firearm or is it a short lived attraction.

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What is "short lived" about something firearm related that was born in 1983?

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I am a 10mm fan. (Just getting that out there at the start. ;-)

If you can handle the larger grip size, 10mm offers everything the .40 has plus more power if you want it. By which I mean 10 mm factory will give you - and most guns will be reliable with - everything from upper end .40 to low end .41 magnum.

While the .40 is fine for self defense against two-legged predators, the hotter 10mm is generally considered adequate (though only barely, according to some) for up to black bear.

With my own guns, the 10mm is also more accurate, but that depends hugely on the specific firearms folks have.
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The 10mm is my favorite cartridges. A friend of mine killed a large charging black bear and has used it to finish off a number of elk. There are two major considerations. One is that not many folks can shoot up to the potential of the cartridge and the second is if you intend to recover your fired brass you have to send out a search party or start in the next county and work your way back to your firing point.
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Considering 10MM

I have the Kimber 10mm. I didn't buy it for protection just to collect it. Ammo is expensive and I don't reload, so that's a major problem. I will probably never take the gun to a tactical course because I can't imagine spending over 30 bucks a box for a course where I would need an average of 1500 to 2000 rounds. Good thing about the Kimber is that it's built on the 1911 platform, so you can practice with a 1911 .45 to improve your skills. Saying all that, I have one, don't carry it and rarely shoot it.

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9mm is the new .40 cal.
10mm is the new .41 magnum.

If you want something for duty use, self-defense, and/or cheap range 9mm is replacing .40 in big numbers.

If you want something for field use, something that's a bit different, and something that makes you think "I should really be reloading" the 10mm is for you.
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