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For those interested in 357Sig!

Posts 446 & 447 of this thread. There are a few more(but not many)...these are only the ones he actually purchased. 252 offerings total!

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I have heard that the large company-producers of the 357sig round are going away from the round. I overheard this at the Shot Show, so I do not have a link to an article.
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I have just started shooting this round after all these years and what Censored stated is what I am afraid of.

I have been having a heck of a time trying to find a .357sig in an H+K platform.

I think only Sig, Glock, and SA make a pistol chambered for the cartridge.
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The USPc, P2000 and P2000SK are/were availble in 357 SIG

I own both a P2000SK and obviously a USPc

The BIG HK chambered for 357SIG is very hard to locate as it was never a cataloged firearm

I have a spare factory barrel packed away somewhere for one of the pistols, I think it is for the SK. I would let it go if that would help you

The P2000SK in 357SIG is way more accurate than a pocket pistol has any right to be. Truly an amazing firearm in any chambering

I had meetings with most of the large ammuniton companies at SHOT in January. While our focus was factory support for the 356TSW cartridge, the 357SIG naturally came up in conversation

None of the companies stated that they are officially dropping support of the 357SIG.

Obviously their production is down as agencies and departments transition back to 9MM Parabellum, but they still have HUGE Federal contracts that they are supplying

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It’s pretty amazing to think of someone buying over 250 boxes of the stuff to basically just say that he did. That would add up to some serious money.

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I have a 357sig barrel for my 229 which is in 40, another dying caliber... or so I read.

I hope it doesn’t go away it’s a snappy good self defense round. I do worry it will go the way of the 41 Mag more of a cult following that will only have a handful of factory loadings available
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