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This is a medically relevant query: are you aware of any handgun projectiles that incorporate steel? Note, not cases, projectiles. I’m not aware of any, but my knowledge only goes so far.
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I have heard in the past of Russian pistol ammo with steel jackets and light copper plating (copper-washed) over a lead core. I don't know if any is still around.
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Found an old batch of 9mm 124 gr. FMJ-RN last week, appeared to have normal copper alloy jackets. I use a magnetic parts dish for a bullet tray with he 550. Got to the bottom, the last layer was sticking to the tray. These were probably from Widners, and probably Israeli from a good while back. Shot a box of the handloads in my 239-9 yesterday, saw no difference. I would not be surprised if some of the Russian pistol ammo has a steel jacket with a copper plating over it.
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From the Wikipedia entry on Wolf ammunition:


In addition to using a steel casing, certain types of Wolf rifle cartridges use steel-jacketed bullets, which are often copper-plated and cosmetically similar to standard copper-jacketed bullets. The copper exterior of the bullet is approximately .005 inch thick, with an underlying steel jacket of about 1/32 inch thick. This type of ammunition is labeled "bimetal".

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