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Picked up a Ruger LC9 from a member here and was wondering if anyone could recommend a carry ammo for it?

I've used Remington Golden Saber for all my other 9mm's over the years, but wasn't sure if this smaller, nearly pocket-pistol sized 9mm did better with any other ammo out there?

I had a KT PF-9 some years back and recall that the 115 grain Silvertip was highly recommended in that and since the LC9 is basically a clone of the PF-9, I am wondering if I should try that first.

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Mine runs well on Federal HST. All weights, standard and +P. The 147 standard pressure is what I settle on. If not that, 124 standard pressure. +P is not needed really with the HST. The standard pressures still work great out of a 3” barrel.

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