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I can pick up a case of .38 Special 158 grain lead SWC at a good price. Your thoughts on Magtech quality? Thanks.
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I like them. Not a big 38spl shooter but all the rounds i’ve used fired. Don’t recall them being too dirty. Also, the brass is good for reloading.

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I've never had any trouble with Magtech

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I've used Magtech 38 Special for bullseye matches. It shot as well as I could at 50 yards. It's good stuff.

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Magtech is pretty good stuff, I used to buy it for the .380's I owned and it was always good.

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I have shot A LOT of Magtech .357 ammo and it's great.....consistent, powerful, clean, never a failure. I split a case of Magtech .38 special +p and it was the dirtiest ammo I have ever functioned fine.......but there was so much smoke, you couldn't see the target for a second or two after firing the gun.
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I haven't shot any in revolver ammunition but in semi auto, MAGTECH is one of the two manufacturers that I've experienced out of spec ammunition in the past. It jammed the pistol big time. They did replace it.


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