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Since I went to the range yesterday and shot north of 100 rounds, as I emptied an ammo can, I need to stock back up on practice ammo. Is the sig branded 9mm any good? I'm not sure I'm going to buy it in bulk just yet, but I would feel better if I didnt want to use federal or winchester knowing the ammo is good

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Sig FMJ range ammo will almost certainly perform no differently than any other manufacturer's FMJ range ammo. But you will pay more for the privilege of saying your pistol is shooting Sig ammo.

There are plenty of reasonable priced ammo options out there. Web search engines such as ammoseek work well. SGAmmo and Palmetto consistently have good prices, as do a number of other sellers.

Consider CCI, Fiocchi, Sellier Bellot, Magtech, Geco, PMC -- among others.
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Blazer Brass is good stuff, it’s also as cheap as I’ll go. Under $10 per 50

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I've used quite a bit of the Sig .357 Sig range ammunition. It performs very well, and seems very consistent.

Last night as it was getting dark, I was about to wrap up and switched from some Winchester and Federal range ammunition to carry magazines, which had gold dot. It was dark enough that I was shooting with a flashlight at that point, on steel. I shot offset and harries.

Even with a harries hold and the flashlight, the Federal and the Winchester had a bright enough flash as to blind me from the target. The move to the Speer was striking; clearly more recoil, and almost no flash. Big difference between the carry ammunition and the boxes of range ammunition.

Most range ammunition is made for economy, not performance; it's range ammunition because it's inexpensive. Winchester and Sig do make ammunition designed to mimic carry offerings (Winchester Train and Defend line, for example). Sig does the same with their range ammunition and the v-crown.

I feel better with my own reloads for range use . I know the cost and the quality is something I controlled, I'll be reusing the brass, and if I'm using coated projectiles, there won't be a lot of effort required to clean.
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At our local Sportsman's Warehouse, Sig 9mm fmj was actually cheaper that Blazer, Winchester, and Aguila.
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I like sig ammo and buy it occasionally but my go to practice ammo is blazer brass or speer lawman in 124 grain. lawman is the hottest practice ammo I hae encountered. I like the extra snap!
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While good ammo for 9mm it is not worth the extra cost.
10mm on the other hand it is my favorite factory practice round. Good price and still good power not the PPU and Federal XM10 watered down stuff.

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