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For several years, it seems the .17HMR has been way more available than .22 Magnum.

Why is this?

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Richard - I am going to provide two thoughts from this simple minded guy

1> The Kel Tec PMR 30 pistol, the Ruger 22 WMR revolver, and Swamp Alligator Hunter are three reasons that the 22 WMR is more popular today than it was in years past....

2> The 17 HRM is a case that requires more production effort because of the case being necked down and many view the 17 HMR to be a weaker, smaller brother to the 22 WMR round.....

Again - just my 2 cents worth.....Mark
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Compare the total number of firearms made for each cartridge.

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^^^^ +1

The Kel-TEC PMR 30 (and the Grendel predecessor) are popular handguns for the .22 Mag.

The Volquartsen Cheetah in .17 HMR is just a bit harder to find...

My other Sig is a Steyr...
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