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While previously, I had not heard of these guys, I want to share my experience with them and their product, specifically 10mm 180 gr JHPs. This email that I sent them, and their reply, should speak to it nicely...
What I sent them:
"Dear sir or ma’am,
I am writing to express concern over some 10mm ammunition that I purchased from Atomic, product is identified on the bottom of the box as: UPC 8 58767 00432 4 and dated as: APR - - 2015. On Saturday, 26 May, I was shooting this at a distance of 20 yards and noticed that I had significant accuracy problems (9” + group size for 10 rounds), but the issues became apparent when I went to the target and say clear evidence of key-holing with several rounds, and signs of partial yaw in several other impacts. This is through a Generation 4 Glock 40 MOS, which normally exhibits excellent accuracy. In contrast, with economy priced PMC 10mm 180 FMH-TCs I was getting 2”-2.5” groups.

This would seem to indicate a distinct problem with the particular box of Atomic 10mm ammo, and at the premium price I had paid for it, I was expecting substantially better performance with regards to accuracy and to certainly not keyhole under any circumstances. I fired 25 rounds of this ammo before giving up and using other ammo that day, with no problems with other ammo shot.

I would ask that you offer some kind of remedy for this, as I currently have this box and another full box of the same load (mfg. date on the other box is also APR 2015. This ammo is of no use to me at this performance. I would like to return the ammo to you for a refund or replacement.


Here was their response:

Good morning. We do not sell directly to the public, please let me know where you purchased the ammunition and provide a proof of purchase such as a receipt. We have had a few reports of 10mm key-holing, always in Glocks, never in other firearms. As it is only some Glocks, not all and no other guns, we do not feel there is an issue with the ammunition. We purchased a Glock M20 for quality control testing and have not been able to duplicate this event. It appears to be on a rare gun by gun basis and only with Glocks. Some firearms, not just Glocks, simply do not like certain ammunition. Of 10 of the exact same make and model made on the same day, some may shoot well with one load and others may not.

We have changed bullets in this load to minimize key holing for our some of our customers who shoot Glocks. To confirm, the rounds you have, from 2015, although they sometimes key hole in a few Glocks, are safe and reliable in terms of function and pressure, key-holing is only the complaint.

Do you have access to any other 10mm pistols(non Glocks)? If so can you test this ammunition in any other firearms to see if it is the ammo or the combination of that ammunition in that gun? If the ammunition feeds, fires, ejects and shoots well from other guns, then the ammunition is fine- simply not liked by a particular gun.

If you want, you can ship the ammunition back to us at your expense. Ship private carrier like UPS only, never ship ammunition postal. Include an ORM-D sticker on the outside of the box. There is one in the attachment to this email. We will test fire and see if it keyholes in our stock, Glock 10mm. We will regardless replace it with current product ammunition using a different bullet design. If the rounds key-hole in our Glock I will not charge for return shipping.


I ended up trading this ammo for some cheaper stuff, just t get rid of it, but I feel that their response was not one that would prompt me to continue to patronize their products.
What are your thoughts?
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Same as yours I think. Not acceptable customer service. They were too cheap to pay for shipping both ways on a product with known issues. So known that they changed their product.
Had a chance but dropped the ball and created bad PR.

Have seen their brand in Cabela's and Sportsman's Warehouse.

Thank you for letting us know how you were treated. It will affect my purchase decisions.
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Unacceptable customer service, I agree. You have the ability to resolve a simple issue and often have a customer for life. I like Underwood Ammunition in 10mm.
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