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I just pulled one of those German Police P6's out of the safe that hasn't been used since 2008. What 9mm are you all using for range and carry?
Thank you.

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W. Zevon
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Federal 115gr +P+ 9BPLE

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Keep in mind that some (most?) P6s won't reliably feed many hollowpoints. I don't recall if there's a certain year/serial range where the feed ramp was tweaked for greater reliability with hollowpoints, or if it was an issue throughout production.

So just because a certain load works for other folks, doesn't mean it'll work reliably in your P6. You'll definitely want to test any prospective defensive load in your specific P6 before settling on it.

If you end up with a P6 that won't feed standard hollowpoints, there are some options out there for defensive ammo that more closely mimics the profile of FMJ ammo, including stuff like Hornady Critical Defense, Corbon Powrball, or Federal Guard Dog EFMJ.
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My P6 likes all hardball ammo and the Federal 9BP hollow point. Have not tried any other hollow point ammo in it.
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There were many threads on this back when the P6 was hot. I seem to recall the feed ramp change for hp's was made about 7/92, but some of the other members will know for sure. 9BP, and 9BPLE, feeds in anything I ever tried it in. I would think anything with a long, pointy nose would work, but you need to try it first. Would be good to have a fresh recoil spring for the 9BPLE.
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