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I have a couple thousand rounds of the zqi SS109. I like the ammo. It's great for plinking and is fairly accurate for foreign bulk ammo.

The problem I have is the glue on the 30 round boxes is disintegrating. I don't want an ammo can full of loosepack 556 if I can help it. Is there a better storage solution?

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I have lots of .223 loose in ammo cans. I throw in a small desiccant pack just in case.
What is you particular concern with having it loose?
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Ammo can, works great.
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I know you said you don't like loose but I fill up ammo cans with loose target ammo and throw in a desiccant.
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You could buy some more magazines, and store all the ammo in magazines. Big Grin

I don't see the problem with loose rounds either. All my bulk plinking ammo is either loose in ammo cans, or loaded into practice mags. When I'm headed to the range, I grab some loaded mags. When I get back from the range, I reload the empty mags from the loose rounds in the ammo cans.
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If the glue on the boxes is disintegrating, I’d definitely consider desiccant. If you don’t want to keep the ammunition in bulk storage, how about individual plastic zip-lock bags? If you don’t have some way of sucking the air out of the bags before sealing them, I would squeeze out as much as possible and then keep a close eye on them to ensure no moisture forms inside or other problems like corrosion develop.

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This is a sign that you don't have enough magazines or ammo cans.
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to me its a sign you have a moisture problem the way your ammo is stowed away.
Let it dry itself off in a semi heated area for a few days and toss in 30 cal cans,those fifties are to damn heavy when you get old.
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