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sick puppy
I realized I don't have any hollow point .308 ammo, and no "match grade" types either. I picked up a box of Winchester XT Razorback on clearance at Walmart. Seems like good stuff against boar, since that's what it's designed for. Accuracy reports from various magazine articles and stuff that I found online all say it's right around the 1" group mark at 100yds, plus or minus half an inch or so.

Although now I'm curious how it would do against other targets. sticking mainly to animals here, I know boar are thick-skinned and hard-boned. what about bear? Elk? Deer? having never skinned anything but a cat in my life, I can't say I know how all the skins stack up. Deer, I'd think this could be overkill. but hunting the "smaller" of the bear species? aren't they notoriously thicker skinned and bigger-boned making them slightly tougher to kill with smaller or short-action calibers?

Pure conjecture and all for fun, as I will actually probably use this box to really see how accurate my AR10 can be.

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