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So October of last year, I submitted a Form 1 for a SBR, using the heavyd trust. Part of that packet was an amendment to trust saying "Only one trustee, until the stamp comes back, then this amendment becomes null and void"....or something to that effect.

About a month ago, the ATF kicks back my Form 1, saying I need to line through the co-trustees, saying there is only 1 person and that's me. I do so.

Got it back again. Now they say "Hey, you gotta bump the number back to 2 and add your co-trustee" (both of which I'd lined through).

So...can I just send them back a copy of my unlined paperwork? Or do I line through the line through? LOL Also, do they grant extensions? I have 30 days from 11/17 to get them a response, but my son (who is the co-trustee) doesn't get home until the 12/20. I need to get him fingerprinted, etc. and the stuff mailed back pretty fast, especially considering the holiday season.

Why did I not get this grief on my Form 4??


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I was under the impression that I only had to have ME on the trust as well, to get around the 41F stupidities. If that's not the case, then I'm a bit frustrated I bothered to buy a second trust for my SBRs that only has me on it. (although, I still haven't used it...)

I submitted a few SBR form 1's through Silencershop. They kicked it back to me three times, too. First two were their problems -
the last one, thought, was this - saying I needed a co-trustee or a successor. But they couldn't tell me why I needed it or if I could add my son as a successor and not fingerprint him since he's seven.

It was a headache and a half, and I finally just cancelled my order and got a refund from Silencership and figured I'd do it on my own eventually. Guess I'm glad I didn't if the ATF is just kicking them back to you for the same reasons.

I'm interested in hearing the suggested solutions.

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You need to call Dean about this and have him handle it.

Because there are so many people here who have used his trust and have also used the post-41F amendment (did you use that?), the eventual resolution would be very important to a lot of the membership.
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-“saying I needed a co-trustee or a successor. But they couldn't tell me why I needed it “

It’s not a trust if it doesn’t have a successor or co-trustee to inherit what’s in it.

I’m surprised they sent it back for you to add one and didn’t just cancel it as a no valid trust.
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I'm starting to get concerned about my Form 4 trust submission as well. The application was submitted by a local FFL in OH in October 2016. About a month ago the shop contacted me to say that NFA needed page 10 of my trust, so I mailed a copy to them as instructed, but feel that it should have been part of the package a year ago when originally submitted. I have called the NFA branch a few times the past few weeks, and last week was told they had received the requested info and it was passed along to the reviewing agent. I also used the additional form which states that I am the exclusive holder of the trust. If this gets hung-up any further I will contact Dean, as I used his services to create the trust.

Will call NFA again next week for an update.
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