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Potentially dumb question, I've read about jailbreaking / recording cans and wondered if it's possible to take a pistol can and recore it with stronger materials to make a rifle can? Maybe 9mm to 300 BLK super or 223 etc? I know supers won't work in a standard 9mm can unless you want a grenade but I thought with a stronger core it might? Or is it all in the walls?
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If it was a dedicated pistol can you would probably have to change the tune and the baffles/monocore which I don't think anyone honest wouid do for you as it wouid require a new serial numbered tube and tax and paperwork... just get another job like I did and take the plunge into total NFA madness. I just received a MP5 SD, it's a habit worse than heroin... be afraid.

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Liberty suppressor will update older Mystics to the new mystic specs, there may be others that do it, but I don't know of them. Even the older Mystics will do what you are asking, so probably best to choose a stouter can to start with if you want to run rifle rounds through a pistol can. Upgrades typically cost nearly or as much as a new can anyway less the stamp.
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I think the biggest thing is the aluminum walls. With Ti or Steel baffles it would probably do fine for bold action or single fire hunting gun. Aluminum doesn't do well with the pressures created by a center-fire rifle.

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