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Just wondering? Do you go shortest configuration or best sound reduction?

As I am debating the Energetic Armament Nyx or Nyx Mod 2......cuz they are both really light.
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Doesn’t it depend upon how you intend to use the device?

If it’s at the range where you want to use the least hearing protection or to avoid annoying the neighbors, then I’d pick best sound suppression.

If it’s on a gun used while trying to find a bad guy in a tight corn maze, I’d go with shortest configuration. Suppressors on serious purposes rifles are very appealing until we realize that the trim and handy 20 inch barrel on a bolt action gun has now become an unwieldly 28-inch beast.

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The only modular can I have is an Obsidian 45, but I only shot it in the full configuration when I first got it. Much prefer the short configuration. That particular can does a good job either way, but that might not be the case for every modular.
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I love shooting my Oculus 22lr can in the short configuration, it’s just sweet looking and still works well.

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