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Anyone suppress a HK USP Compact 9mm with the aftermarket threaded barrel? If so, did you make any other changes? Just wondering if you should change a spring or anything else, since HK does not sell a threaded barrel for that model.
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Just find threaded barrel.
Maybe here...
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That is where i picked up my threaded barrels for my usp 9,40,45
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When i had my USP9c suppressed, it worked fine without any changes aside from the barrel. Some users warned of increased parts wear and damage with prolonged use, but i never saw anything of the sort in my admittedly small amount of use.

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I have suppressed my HK USP9 Compact with an aftermarket barrel. I had the same initial concerns and contacted the manufacturer, Rim Country Manufacturing (RCM) before ordering. They said they had heard of no complaints to date.

I went ahead and ordered, and have been using without issues since 2015. I have +/- 2,000 rounds through it, primarily suppressed. No difference in accuracy when used in IDPA competitions either.

I made note of all of the internals beforehand, took pictures, and have periodically checked, with no unusual changes seen.

As noted by SIGfourme above, HKparts sells the RCM barrel for the HK USP9 Compact. That’s where I ordered mine from.

ETA: different image links

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