Engraving - Veritas Machining - Highly Recommend

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January 15, 2021, 01:05 PM
Engraving - Veritas Machining - Highly Recommend
I've had the good fortune to have some Stamp Goodness recently approved.

I was scouring Michigan to find a trustworthy engraver.

I found Veritas Machining Link online and exchanged a couple of emails.

They were very prompt about replies and offered thoughtful responses. I was able to arrange a daytrip there, and was even offered to have my engraving done while I waited.

The business is veteran owned and the owner who did the work was a heck of a nice guy to chat with.

I hope to do business with him again and would encourage others that are in need of quality, fairly priced engraving services give the a look.

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