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Looking for some advice on upgrading a Huntertown arms guardian 22 suppressor. I have one of these with aluminum baffles and wanted to see if it was worth upgrading to stainless baffles(Curtis tactical has a kit for $275 and Huntertown is out of biz) — worth it or just get a better can and live with my mistake of getting a cheap can to begin with ) ? Thx
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No offense, honestly..but nothing Huntertown made is worth putting $275 into. Put the cash towards another can and you’ll come out better off

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$275 is better off towards a new can.

I have a HTA B22 and it's fine for what it is - a short, simple suppressor.
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Just for fun. Email this guy:

He's a SOT that spends some time over on the form 1 forum. He does FANTASTIC work. I helped him do some testing on aluminum baffles durability on a SBR. He reocred a can for me at a discount since I helped him.

But I can say the can he recored for me is quiter than any I've put beside it. He may be able to help you out for much less than the above quote.

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