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I think I sold my house. I’ll be moving to a rental while building my new one. I’m about to do a Form 4. How will the moving effect things? How do you change address while waiting? I may be overthinking it but the wait is a huge inconvenience.

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Do you already have an NFA item or is this the first, are you using a trust?

Fill out ATF 5320.20 or form 20. Send duplicates to ATF.

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As stated - just fill out a 5320.20. You can email or fax them in. The form can be submitted via facsimile to the NFA Branch at
(304) 616-4501 or may be scanned and emailed to

Form is located here:

Use Acrobat software and it will fill out the 2 copies for you. Since you are moving, check No in box #2.
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I believe that he is wondering how to change the address on a form 1 or form 4 that he is waiting for the approval (already in the system). He wants to know how to change the address to where they send the approved form.

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It sounds like you haven’t sent the form 4 to ATF yet. As long as your not moving from the state you currently live in, your move shouldn’t have any effect on the transfer. The approved form 4 will be mailed to the dealer or the current owner if your buying from an individual. Once you receive the approved form 4 you can then notify ATF of your new address.
If your planning on moving out of state during the transfer, you should probably wait until you become a resident of that state to start the process.
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