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Call SiCo... safest bet !
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I can positively confirm that the short 9mm 3 lug adapter for the omega cans will fit on the griffin 3 lug mount that I have on my MPX.

I just tested it with no issues. Good fit, no wobble, great lock up. This is for the 9mm size tri-lug.

I also have the APC45 and the other short 3-lug adapter for the 45 cal 3-lug will fit perfectly on the APC45. I do not know or have the griffin 45cal 3-lug mount to say if that is compatible.

I hope this helps.
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Originally posted by dwd1985:
I have an Omega 9K that I plan to use both on my MPX and a .300BO upper. I would like to add 3 lug adapters to both barrels to be able to readily switch back and forth. I recently picked up a Griffin 13.5x1 LH 3 lug for the MPX, and am also looking at a TROS 5/8x24 for the .300 BO upper. I want to purchase the SilencerCo factory 3 lug adapter (the new, short one).

My issue is that the SilencerCo website states "The 45ACP 3-lug mount is compatible with the B&T APC 45 3-lug barrel. Our mount will NOT fit on the Griffin Armament 45 caliber 3-lug barrel adapter, due to the smaller size of the adapter."

Since the MPX 3-lug is Griffin (though 9mm rather than .45), I am hesitant to purchase the adapter since SilencerCo states that the Griffin .45 doesn't fit. I am likely being overly cautious, but can anyone confirm if the SilencerCo 3 lug will work on the Griffin 9mm? And also on the Tros?

I dunno but I used the griffin on a short barrel .300 mcx with a gemtech pistol can rated for 9mm/subsonic .300. Baffle strikes galore due to wobble with the griffin/gemtech 3 lug adapter.

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