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I want to get a belt fed machine gun.
Ideally something in .223 or .308
Obviously .223 would be way cheaper to feed.

Now... anything full auto is absolutely brutal on the bank account - esp when you get into belt fed territory.

So here's my idea.
Poking around online it looks like you can buy an M16 for about 20k.
That is of course not belt fed.
However, there's this nifty upper from fightlite:

It says it goes on any AR lower - to include old stuff like an m16.
It seems like this is the most cost efficient way to accomplish my goal.

So assuming the upper works as designed... and the company stands behind their products (warranty)...
I feel like this would also be great for dealing with normal wear and tear on the gun - and allow modernization of the gun with the plethora of AR parts out there (grips... stocks... optics...etc..)

How do folks handle it now when they drop a shitload of money on a machine gun.... and it breaks?
It's not like it's under warranty anymore.

How about upgrades? For example... what if I wanted to upgrade the trigger on an m16?
I know Geiselle sells some full auto triggers - would they sell one to me if I had a full auto rifle already?
Am I even allowed to replace the trigger?

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If you want to shoot full-auto (with one of those belt-fed uppers), you're still going to have to get a transferable M16 lower (machine gun). The only advantage with one of those uppers is you will be able to shoot belts through it. Another concern I would have is whether the M16 lower would sustain the level of impulse a belt-fed on sustained full-auto would give it. It would suck to break the lower receiver and have a $20K piece(s) of junk on your hands.

My 2 cents, if you want a belt-fed, get one that's built from the ground up as one. I did take a look over at Sturmgewehr and there were 2 transferable belt-feds for sale there: a MG40 (.30-06) and a 1919A4 (.30-06) for $20k and $25K, respectively. So for about the same amount of money you will put into an M16 MG and that belt-fed upper, you could have the real-deal. Downside, they're in .30-06, so ammo might be more expensive than 5.56/.223.


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Originally posted by creslin:
Now... anything full auto is absolutely brutal on the bank account - esp when you get into belt fed territory.

100% least you've come to this reality!

The Ares/Fight Lite BF uppers work very well on Colt M16A1's. The only complaint I've personally heard and witnessed is they're picky on links...lightly lubricated NEW links help it run the best. Used and surplus links led to jams in the specimen I had my hands on, but others may not have had this issue.

If you want .223 and .308, the HK21e is your Grail. Either with sear hosts or converted registered receiver platforms, the 21e can be swapped to a 23e (and vice versa) to fit your bill. While not as common as M16 parts, HK spare barrels and parts are available to keep it running.

If you can live without .223, 1919's can be set up for .30-06, 8mm, and .308. As mentioned, this model was made for belt fed sustained fire. The MG40 is a beast...look for videos of one in action!

Good luck in your hunt!
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