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The Optimus Micro from Griffin Armament is awfully interesting. .22 rimfire through .22/250!

Griffin Optimus Micro

Rather expensive though, but I could use it as a backup can on my .223 rifles.

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I've really gotten a kick out of the Q Erector, but keep in mind it is my first personally owned can, so I don't have a ton of experience with them (other than to now know they are addictive and if I ever win the lottery I want one for every firearm I own)
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Older thread, but OP never posted if he finally made his choice...
I'm running a Buckwheat on my SIG522. With CCI Subsonics, it runs great and sounds like a nailgun.
Edit to add: With Colibri it's quieter than my Gamo whisper. Have to cycle the bolt manually, but no big deal.

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