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I managed to break my bolt catch release last month. Noveke upper, BCM medium charging handle otherwise factory, Rock River Arms lower. Significant round count, mostly suppressed. I replaced with a maritime Geissele bolt catch release. It seems the bolt catch breakage is common on 9 mm or AR 10. Just checking with forum to see if this happens on suppressed AR’s?
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I’ve never heard of it being a common problem, suppressed or unsuppressed, no matter what the caliber.
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It is more common on pistol caliber ARs when a longer buffer or spacer is not used, allowing the buffer to travel farther rearward, then gain momentum / speed before hitting the bolt hold open faster than usually. A longer and heavier buffer will reduce / eliminate this in pistol caliber ARs.

If you have a suppressed AR that is overgassed (centerfire rifle), I can see a potential for the bolt to hit back with excessive speed and bounce forward faster, possibly causing the same result, but it is not at all common IME.
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