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As always, Sigforum comes through with a lot of accurate and great info.

I am still deciding on the best first purchase for me, but in case some have not seen it :

Rugged's sale may push me their way for my first purchase since it will fit all my current rifle needs.
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^^^Its a heck of a deal and would be a great first can.

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Another vote for the Omega. We've got two, and they get used on everything from my 10" 5.56 Sig 516 to a 26" Christensen Arms .300 Weatherby Magnum (elk gun). They are quiet, durable, and have a kickass mounting system. Brake mounts and flat endcaps are the two best upgrades you can make.

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I have been really happy with my Omega can, but if I were buying today I would lean more towards the Sandman S because of the mounting system.

David W.

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