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Any one have any experience with a multi Cal can like this? All I would shoot suppressed would be 5.56 and 9mm. Maybe a little 300blk also. This might be perfect for me if it works as advertised
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I have the Griffin Optimus and I like it. It’s super rugged and definitely well made. As a multipurpose suppressor, however, there are trade offs, in this case it if weight. It’s a bit heavy as a handgun suppressor but works well. As a PCC suppressor the difference is not as noticeable.

In its 5.56 it suppressed well but keep in mind that there’s no hearing safe 5.56 caliber suppressor. I find my M4SDK suppresses better for similar size and weight, but of course it’s a 5.56 only suppressor, so lacks the multicaliber versatility.
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Have one and use it a lot. I've used it with my AR10 in .308, an AR15 SBR in .300 Blk, an AR15 in 5.56, my SIG P226 in 9mm, and on an AR9 and CZ Scorpion EVO.

Well made and extremely versatile. Perfect if you don't plan on buying lots of suppressors, or if you only want to take one suppressor on a hunting trip or to the range.

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