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Thinking about sending my Sparrow back for a fix or something as it is not quiet and never has been. Took it to the Class III dealer last week and they shot it and then shot a new one and the difference was very evident.

I have shot less than a box of sub-sonic ammo in it and it dos not appear to be dirty. Same results on rifle or pistol.

Ideas or suggestions welcome.

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I’d try giving SilencerCo a call, they’ve always been happy to help when I’ve reached out.

Not sure if their upgrade program for the Sparrow is still active, but I did find this video explaining it.

SilencerCo Sparrow Upgrade Program

When I searched for it on Google, I found a reference explaining the program, but when clicking the link… It brought me to a page not found.

Best of luck!
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That is interesting. Some 22lr cans are more prone to FRP than others. How did you shoot it?

FRP can build over time. IE if you shoot one round set the gun down and bring the target back it may be part of the culprit.

Also, some cans do perform better with a bit of sludge in them. Have you cleaned or prepped the bafflestack in anyway? Ie Socing them hot in atf or is it just plain jane stack?

Up untill my failure, my 2lb AAC pilot was still quiet as can be. It was stupidly quiet through out its life. Much more so than many other 22lr cans. It also had very little FRP. Down side is that it was a sealed can. and the crap built up to failure.
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The Sparrow is a monocore, one of the commonly held beliefs is that monocore’s have more FRP on pistols than traditional stacked baffles.

At least in my experience this seems to hold true. While my Sparrow does great on rifles, I’m not a fan of it on pistols. Truth be told, knowing what I know now I’d pass on the Sparrow altogether. That said I’d call SiCo as well, they’re very good to work with; had a defective MAAD mount they swapped out for me.

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