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Hey all-

I'm very close to getting my stamp for a 5.56 YHM Phantom QD. The wait is killing me!

My issue is this: Gawd, that flash hider mount is ugly! Are there any other options, besides the YHM offerings? I see that they have recently started offering a brake Brake that is less hideous but brakes are loud on 11.5" guns (bitch, moan) so I'm hoping there is another option.

Anybody have an idea (besides not buying a YHM)?



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If you have a suppressor, why would it be loud?

BTW, I'm a YHM ti Phantom owner ... mine's a 30 cal but I use it on 223 as well

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I believe YHM, as with most suppressor manufacturers, utilize proprietary QD mounts. If you bought the Phantom can, then you will have to use their Phantom flash hider or muzzle brake. I have the Phantom with the flash hider and recently purchased the muzzle brake. What a difference in muzzle rise that brake makes! Roughly 50% less muzzle rise. The noise is louder for sure, but the blast out of my 14.5 inch barrel was disorienting for spectators standing behind and to your side. Will most likely be worse out of a 11.5 inch, just FYI.
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Yankee Hill Phantom can only mate to Yankee Hill QD mount.
Flash hider with aggressive entry look or
Muzzle Brake or
New Muzzle Brake that you provided link to
The QD mount is very stable, solid lock up using spring loaded ratchet. no worries about baffle strike.
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I think the phantom QD flash hider looks awesome.
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