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Not anytime in the next few months, but I'd like to eventually add a suppressor for handgun calibers to my safe.

I currently have an SRD22 and an SRD762QD to cover my rimfire and rifle needs.

I'm mostly interested in suppressing my MPX, but I would like to get a can that can cover suppression of various PCC, handguns and even .300 BLK for short barrels.

This brings me to the Griffin Bushwacker 46. Seems very versatile, but at a very high price. I like the idea of being able to attach a tri-lug to my MPX and even use this on a shorty .300 BLK. (Yeah, I have an SRD762, but Griffin's muzzle devices are superior to SIG's.) It's too big for a pistol, IMO, but, eh, it's versatile.

Any thoughts on this can?

Or other recs that would fulfill my primary goal of suppressing the MPX, but being useful on a variety of other hosts? Ability to fast attach to PCC definitely a plus.


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I have a form 1 that rests on my BNT ghm 45 that I have put on my MPX. It works very well.

I also have 4, yes 4 Dead air ghost m's using dead air's trilug mounts. They are rated for 300blk subs, long or short config. THey work amazingly well with my 9mm PCC's. Dead air has release a keymo micro that will work with the ghost m. Also a new trilug that will work with 45acp and 9mm.
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Very pleased with my Obsidian 45, running it both long and short configuration on pistols and via tri-lug on my PCC. Have not shot it on my 300 BLK with subs but I know you can. I have two .30 cal rifle cans though so not very likely that I ever would.

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Another vote for the Rugged Obsidian. Excellent can.

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X3 for the Rugged Obsidian Cool


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I like Griffin, and already have the Optimus along with a Switchback and Odessa to round things out and provide coverage for most of my firearms. That said I wanted to suppress a large bore rifle or two so I have a Bushwacker 46 in NFA Jail and will also be able to to use all the existing Griffin mounts I have from the Optimus so it was good choice for me. The one thing I have learned about suppressors are that there are so many different options and opinions. I think it is such a competitive market that it would be some what hard to go too wrong. So pick the best one for you based on what matters most to you? Size, noise reduction, design, baffles, or other features IMHO

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