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I picked up 3 cans today and thought, "maybe I should buy a couple more."

I hopped online to look at what suppressors were selling for. I assumed there were likely a lot of really good deals out there given how soft the market appears to be (or so I keep hearing).

I was surprised to see that there aren't really any good deals to be had out there. Considering most folks spent more than they should have/needed to during the Clinton election fear and 41F, and the Republican control, there really aren't many motivating reasons to get us to toss the Feds another $200 for the privilege of waiting in a year long line.

What am I missing? Is the markup on suppressors not as high as I've always assumed it was? I figured folks would be trying to move them, but prices are actually higher than I saw them last year.

I'm not an expert in this at all, so what am I missing?

E.S. Dunbar
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This is a good thread to find deals on cans...

David W.

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you just missed a pretty good sale on silencershop the other day.
On friday (i think was friday) they were doing "free tax stamp" on any of the Q suppressors.


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I'm actually seeing the opposite... just too lazy these days to take the extra steps (prints & photo). To bother with them...
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I’m too lazy to bother. With 5 cans covering all the bases, I’m outta the game unless the pipe dream that is the HPA passed (ain’t gonna happen IMO).
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I'm seeing a ton of deals out there. You just have to look beyond the brick and mortar and silencershop outlets. QRF/Hansohn/Capitol/Lanbo's all have some solid deals right now.
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Omega 9K $472

Several other Silencerco deals this morning.

Edit: Just pulled it up and it changed to $606
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Just need to reach out to your Sigforum dealers, I know of a the pricing will be pretty decent.

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For real?
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I got lazy and quit before 41F.

But I broke down and got a Sandman-K in January. Pictures were a PITA, fingerprints were easy since I could just have someone do them at work.

I can't remember what it cost but I think it was under $500.

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