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actually selling several calibers of fuel filters...

I randomly came across a website while looking for car parts that was selling a "fuel filter" with an ID of 0.400" and a "filter element" made from 7075 AL with 1/2-28 threads on one end.

Someone help me out here. This website has to be an ATF sting site, right? I can't believe a site offering what are obviously suppressors that pops up in a Google Ad wouldn't be taken down immediately if it wasn't.

I don't own a suppressor nor know much about them, but I have shot with them several times. I just have never done any research into this world and this site just seemed crazy if its purpose is not to catch people trying to skirt the law. -- just curious

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For real?
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A lot of them are fake sites but there are a few selling them as


and they have stipulations on their website telling you to file a FORM 1.

I think Rainer has a solvent trap from JK on their website.

If they're selling them as fuel filters and no mention of form 1, then likely scam/trap.

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Maybe I’m just paranoid but I wouldn’t look at these websites as anything other than a trap Frown

Link to original video:


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^^^This! Wink


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Help! Help!
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Funny, I've noticed a couple of videos about this here just in the past couple of days.

Either he's really naive or really stupid.
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