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I am going to purchase a suppressor in 9mm/45 this year.
It will be used on Glock 19's, for which I already have 1/2 x 28 threaded barrels.
But I would also like to use it on my Angstadht Arms UDP-9.
If I remove the standard birdcage from that, what thread protector, which can be removed without a wrench, does anyone suggest?
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do you know the threads on the carbine?
I assumed my 9mm STI would be 1/2x28 but it is (I think) 1/2x36.
I thought that was odd until I thought on it some; it would be bad for someone to screw an AR style flash hider or other accessory on there, then try to fire a 9mm round through its .223 hole.....

As far as thread protectors, I've bought several no-name off eBay and Amazon to put on my threaded barrels. The ones I get are just knurled/textured/checkered and can be removed by hand.
Be sure to double check the thread size and pitch.
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The Angstadht Arms UDP-9 is threaded 1/2x36 like most 9mm ARs/rifles.
You can keep the original birdcage and use it as your thread protector.

You need one of the following to suppress it:

A conversion thing from 1/2x36 to 1/2x28 to fit your can.


make sure your supressor has a 1/2x36 as well.


rethread your Angstadht Arms UDP-9 to 1/2x28 as long as you maintain correct overall length (unless yours is an sbr)


remember. pistol needs nielsen/booster, fixed barrel ARs DO NOT.
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1/2 x 36 typically has conversions to HK 3 lug .
No conversion that I am aware to convert to 1/2 x 28.
Suppressor needs pistol recoil neilson device for 1/2 x28. Then for rifle needs 1/2 x36 fixed thread or can purchase adapter to HK 3 lug.
Really depends on the suppressor you choose.
Do you want a 9 mm suppressor? Do you have regular pistol sights or taller suppressor sights?
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