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Originally posted by DaBigBR:
I recently received one for a Silencer Shop customer.

He bought the can in March of 2019.
I received it from Silencer shop in June of 2019.
It was approved almost exactly one year from the date on the Form 4 in March of 2020.
I received the stamp exactly 30 days later.

I am curious what the deal is with Silencer Shop taking almost 90 days to get the suppressor to me, the local dealer. I have not had a chance to go back and look at the Form 3 and see if they just dragged their feet on it or what.

I am a past Silencer Shop customer and currently a preferred dealer, but I would keep in mind that when they (Silencer Shop) control submission of the Form 3 and Form 4, you are at their whim.

Could this be one of those times where the cans were on backorder but a limited number of pre-sales were allowed? Once the can showed up the Form 3 and subsequent Form 4 occurred.

This is how I bought my Obsidian 45 back in 2016. Ordered 1/10/16 and made it to the dealer on 5/9/16. Due to the lack of inventory on that model at the time I was just thankful to have secured one.

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I have noticed a significant delay in receiving the stamp in the mail after approval. This adds almost a month on to the process.
A new examiner at ATF supposedly took applications off the top of the pile rather than the bottom--resulting in different processing times.
I'm a little over 400 days from mailing in 4 stamps on a Trust.
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Form 4 trust (2 people)
Check cashed 7/31/2019
Approved 5/11/2020

Now I just gotta wait for the USPS...

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I mailed in a stack of forms about 3 weeks ago and they still haven’t cashed my check yet. Slower than normal.

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Originally posted by offgrid:
TBAC Ultra 7

Checked cashed 9/16
Approved 4/17
Waiting on stamp

Stamp in hand 5/18

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