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For real?
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Originally posted by PGT:
Got the call today. Form 4, two suppressors, two stamps arrived today. 58 Days. Trust.

Seriously? Wow! I’m going to check with my dealer on my two from December

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I don't have any cans/sbrs pending at the moment I need to buy something to get in the line!

I think I will get the new YHM 9mm can in the summer, but I might not be able to resist getting a Turbo K.

David W.

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I inquired about some items I submitted early October, the lady said 10 months was normal. 4 people on a family trust
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I and two other friends set up separate trusts last year and each purchased two cans. Friend A’s check was cashed on 4/15/19, mine was cashed on 5/2/19, and friend B’s check was on 5/22/19. Stopped by friend B’s home this afternoon and he had both of his cans and stamps which he picked up earlier today. He said he got the call last Friday. Friend A and I are still waiting...

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Just got another call....F4 for machine gun, submitted August 2019 on a trust and arrived today.
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Just picked up a SilencerCo Sparrow, submitted 3/27/19, approved 2/3/20, stamp at dealer 2/15/20. Form 4 on a trust.
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