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You won't get estimated processing time on your own can's approval. The ATF system isn't built that way. No ATF agent will hunt down your paperwork, then estimate the processing time for you, based on the queue ahead of you. No ATF agent will hunt down your paperwork, put you at the top of the queue, just because you want it.

A page or two earlier on this thread you linked the Silencer Shop website, which graphically lists the average processing times for the last 3 months of approval activity. That may be the best database sample we civilians get. You see piecemeal approval time information in this thread on various SF users -- information which generally correlates well with the Silencer Shop data. You can choose to believe or ignore this information. You can check on other gun-related websites, too, if you don't like what you see here. But that's what we civilians get.

Every guy who owns multiple suppressors at one time purchased his first suppressor. We've all been there. The wait seemed to take forever. A gazillion times worse than waiting for Christmas morning as a kid. We all can tell you that obsessing over the wait doesn't help. Wishing for it to go faster doesn't help. Maybe your can will be available for next shooting season, maybe it won't. When it's your turn, it will happen.
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The people you talk to on the phone are just contractors who can only read you the current status that pops up on their computer screen, and the status is usually something like “pending” with no ETA, because they don’t keep that information. You can ask to be put through to your examiner, but even if you do actually get a hold of them, you won’t get anything more. They don’t have the time to root through the stacks of applications on their desks to find yours and guess how long it takes. That’s valuable time that they can use in working on their current forms.

If you submitted in the last few months, I’d imagine you’re looking at least 8 months from your check cash date, and probably more like 10 months. Like fritz said, everyone who’s gotten a can in the last few years has had to deal with the wait. I just got a can in mid December that the check cashed in early April.
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The best way to handle the wait is to save your pennies and buy another can or even two every few months, and do your best to forget what you have in tax jail. A watched pot never boils, and when you finally get a can pout of jail, another is not too far away.
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