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Originally posted by Brett B:
So does anybody know how long the FBI NICS portion of the new process typically takes?

I called to check on the status of my Obsidian 9 and the ATF said it was waiting on the FBI NICS check. He would not say how long that takes.

Form 4 trust, submitted on 3/14/18. Right at 7 months total time so far.

Just called and found out this was approved, 7.5 months total. Not sure how much of that was time languishing at FBI but it was at least 2 weeks.

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Saker 762
Signed papers on January 19.
Approved October 15.
Picked it up today.
Similar wait time as a baby.

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Mailed Form 4 Individual 3/20/18
Credit Card Charged 4/10/18
Approved 10/24/18

Now waiting on the Tax Stamp.

Did not think I would buy another suppressor after the first one, but....

At least I do get to shoot them at my LGS while waiting for the stamp.

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Suppressor and form 1 order plqced on 10/11.

Silencershop mailed the suppressor forms 10/15.

I am not sure what is up with the two form 1's

My 200 dollar checks were cashed today, my Form 1's were supposed to ETF today, but i don't see that updated on my account as of yet.

My nomad 30
And 4th ghost m submitted 11/9

My mpx form 1 submitted 11/12 eft

Still waitin on

Kriss vector form 1.

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