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Does anyone have any experience with whether pre-treating a dedicated rim fire suppressor with something like fireclean or DOT 5 brake fluid makes it easier to clean? Is there a positive return on the time to pre-treat and re-treat to get a fast clean vs. not pre-treating?
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I've done the pre-treat with silicone oil on my rimfire cans and it seems to work okay. Not 100% magical, nor is it the super-easy cleanup as seen online, but it's better than not treating at all.

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I've done the silicone oil/DOT 5 treatment with pretty decent success. It's not a wonder treatment, but it does cut down on the amount of time you have to spend cleaning them, which can be significant. The key is to start with a squeaky clean can/baffles.

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As stated above, the silicone treatment does help. Gemtech suggests soaking baffles overnight in a 50/50 mixture of mineral spirits and automatic transmission fluid as a cleaning method. Don't bother is doesn't work.

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I pretreat my cans when new with the silicone oil.

After about 1000 rounds I will wipe the baffles down and hit them with some brake cleaner.
I use slip's carbon cleaner to soak the baffles then finish cleaning before I treat again with silicone oil.

It works for me. I might get a media blaster next to try cleaning.

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Some good info from Rimfire R&D here -->


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What nhracecraft posted with a little anti seize on threads and tube.
I shot enough rimfire that the lead residue made a weld to the tube --so I always loosen the threads at the range. Fire gloves or log gloves are part of my kit.
Monocores need to be loosened- YHM Mite or Liberty Regulator. Baffles within a tube in a tube do well with silicon oil-Axiom, YHM Stinger, Mask, Rugar.
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Also treated the bolt assembly for an AR with silicone. Cleaned up easily the first use, have not shot it since.

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I pretreated my rimfire suppressors with silicone. Didn't see as much of an impact on cleaning as throwing it (disassembled) into the tumbler.
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