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I just got a Griffin Resistance 9 with metric threaded piston. My immediate reaction is that the silencer is ok... basic but functional design, but the 13.5x1 piston is super nice and fits my 228 threaded barrel very well. It has an o ring insert at the front and a step to index on the muzzle. Way nicer than my Surefire’s piston.

I bought the Griffin because of the 3 lug mount for my MPX, but I may end up using it on the 228 even though it is fatter than the Surefire.

Now conversely the Griffin’s 1/2-28 piston isn’t so hot. It is a through hole design and will not seat on an unstepped barrel such as CZ75.

Update. Fired it on my MPX with 6” ILWT barrel. Worked very well. Subsonic on 124 Blazer brass. Accurate with 115 blazer and 147 lawman. Less gas than my other silencer. 3 lug is very secure. I like it!


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