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While suppressors are neat, they are really just a thing that makes the weapon more difficult to use in most situations. Most people in shoot scenarios having a weapon that is 6 in shorter and a pound lighter is better than having a gun that is thirty decibels quieter.

I have not been in an officer involved shooting myself yet, I have responded to them. Communication was not an issue everybody still heard their radios everybody was still transmitting. Officers were even transmitting while other officers were shooting in the background. I've had to sit with officers post shooting while waiting for their administrative processing. None of them complained about not being able to hear or ringing in their ears. So what suppressors appear to do to me is make the weapons more difficult to use while making them slightly nicer to be around when they're fired. When you look at them from that perspective they don't make a lot of sense. They definitely do have a place it's just not on a rank and file officers weapon. A lot of those guys actually are not shooters something that makes their weapon more difficult to use would be far more of a detriment than any advantage a suppressor gives.

Now some type of tiered qualification where a person has shown themselves to be truly capable with a weapon giving that type of person a suppressor might be advantageous. I kind of qualification where you have to truly demonstrate yourself as capable, not the dumbed down qualifications that most officers do. Completing something like that, which unfortunately, at least in my agency or any surrounding agency currently does not exist, makes sense.

But then of course I might be a 13 year old girl who reads alot of gun magazines, so feel free to disregard anything I post.
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