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I have a osprey9 and have been interested in picking up a second 9mm suppressor. I was thinking the tirant... However with all the new options should I be looking at a DeadAir or Rugged? I'd probably make the Osprey the AR pistol can and put the other on my hand guns. Or use the osprey for 300blk out on a rifle yet to be purchased... Really just tired of swapping the spacer in and out of a neilson device. Thanks

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The Ghost and Obsidian are both great cans. Personally I think I'd opt for the newer design of either before going for the Tirant. A side benefit of the Obsidian is that you can use your SiCo pistons in it. The Rugged pistons however can't be used in the Osprey as they are minus the notch used in the locking system.

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Obsidian owner.

The Obsidian is nice for the reasons mentioned above. The Obsidian tri-lug adapter is also very low profile if you think you'll use something like that. I have been extremely pleased with mine in .45, 9mm, and .22LR. Pricing is also very fair.
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My AAC Ti-Rant 9 is a wonderful suppressor. It reduces the 9mm noise to that of a .22 short or .22 long. If you love your handgun hobby, the cost of your hobby is secondary. You get what you pay for.


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I have a Griffin Revo9, and I love that. It is convertable to a short, K, length. It is compatible with your SiCo piston. Highly recommended.
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The Ti-Rant 9M is the only modular 9mm silencer on the market today that can be transformed from short-to-long and back with no tools required. It's also the only modular 9mm can that uses advanced K baffles, which deliver a very pleasing low-frequency tone and minimal blowback. You can also outfit the Ti-Rant 9M with a low profile 3-lug adapter that is compatible with the H&K MP-5 3-lug barrel style. Give the Ti-Rant 9M a try, you won't be disappointed.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Mike Smith/AAC

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I own a Ti-Rant 45 and two Liberty Centurions. I played around with a DeadAir Wolf 9SD today....very impressive design.
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Tirant 9S here and LOVE it!!
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I have both an Obsidian and a TiRant 45M. Both are great cans. There’s not really any earth shattering new technology in the Obsidian over the AAC can, just two different ways to skin a cat IMO. I would stick with Rugged, Dead Air, AAC though.

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I have one of the early versions of the Ti-Rant 9 and, under the right circumstances, it would be a good choice.

My only complaint is that, when switching between my SBR host (pictured) and my P225 the POI changes enough that it takes 10-20 rounds on each subsequent shooting session to get the gun zeroed. It's tedious, expensive, and annoying enough that I rarely take the suppressor off of my SBR.

If your plan is to keep it on one host only, I'd say, "Go for it!" But if you plan to use it on multiple hosts and have to remove the spacer/spring, then you may want to look at other options.

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I have a Tirant 9 and love it. I'm going to pick up a 9M here soon.

I haven't noticed any big POI changes. I use the three lug adapter on my Scorpion and the normal booster on my pistols and it hits consistently.

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What about an Omega 9k? I have both. The Tirant 9 is a great can as well, due to it's serviceability.
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You can also outfit the Ti-Rant 9M with a low profile 3-lug adapter

What adapter would be good to do this, Mine stays on the MPX its a Tirant 45M with a 9mm adapter, but would like to move it to the Glock 17 or a couple of other hosts.

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