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Dean of Law
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Suppressed full auto is perfectly fine. I wouldn't even consider the issue of over gassing.

H. Dean Phillips
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Ha! If you think the DD Mk 18 is heavy, try out the Colt 6945. It has about a pound on the DD. That said, my 6945 runs flawlessly suppressed and unsuppressed.

I don't need no teenage queen, all I need is my M-14
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Very happy with mine, run suppressed with a Rugged Surge. Never a single issue. I've replaced the trigger and mags release, that's it.
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Sigless in
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In reference to the issue of potentially being overgassed...

You could buy a good supply of 223 spec ammo. I bought a few cases of that Swiss made Geco 55gr stuff that comes in the 50 rd boxes. Very clean and accurate, but it is about 100 fps slower than Wolf Gold over my chronograph. Very high quality ammo, just not loaded quite as hot as M193. And M193 is plenty hot.... I have seen it blow out a crimped primer a time or two.

There are also some newer products on the market like adjustable gas keys, to meter the gas at the bolt carrier instead of the gas block. I think it makes more sense to meter at the gas block, but it is much easier to swap a gas key than a pinned gas block like you will find on a factory DD SBR.

DD or Colt for a factory SBR, you will be happy. You can build your own for much less $ but there is something to be said for a factory rifle.

NFA toys are worth the wait and the expense IMHO.
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