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Looking a suppressor for My Daniel Defense MK18 SBR but also want it to go with my DD 300 bulk out pistol. Both are 10.3 inch barrels and thinking about purchasing a .308. Want something that will work with all 3 guns.

I am thinking 762 cal suppressor
Surefire socom 300 sps
Saker 762
omega 762

Thoughts or other suggestions? Thanks
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I have an Omega. I like how it is really quiet, pretty light and very short in length, especially with direct thread and flat endcaps.

But then of course I might be a 13 year old girl who reads alot of gun magazines, so feel free to disregard anything I post.
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Another to add to your list, Rugged suppressor line...
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Deadair Sandman in S or L length.


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I would second the suggestions thus far.

Omega and Saker are both great cans, the Saker being heavier and slightly more rugged, the Omega wins in the handiness/weight department.

Rugged Surge or Razor are a couple good options. The modularity of the Surge is very nice.

I have not shot any of the DeadAirs yet, but expect they'd be in the same class as the other two.

The Surefire's have always been more of a niche can and as such I've never seriously considered them in the past.

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Agree with all of the suggestions so far. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. I would shop local dealers and see what they have on hand and make my decision off price if I were in your shoes. All but one of my cans are made by SilencerCo, the other is the Dead Air Sandman L. Had the Rugged or Sandman S been available when I was making my purchases last year, I wouldn't have had a problem with them either.

I have no personal experience with Surefire, but like SigM4, I've never considered them. I'm far from an expert in the suppressor world, but they always seem to command a steep price and others suppress better from my reading. I wouldn't have them on my list.
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Not much more to add here. I have a Saker 762, Omega, and a Sandman-S. I like all 3, but would recommend the Omega or the Sandman-S. The Omega is really hard to beat with it's modularity.

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Yet another vote for the Omega here. Good all around features.

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